Each of these books is designed to contribute to both our personal and our cultural evolution. The task of our time is to transition to a life affirming culture. Therefore we must become the kind of people who can create and enjoy a life affirming culture. In other words (what a severe obligation!) we must become more creative, happy in ourselves, and socially responsible. Let’s get on with it!

Creative Conversations

This book could have been called Creativity Games. It uses games and exercises to reawaken the spirit of play in adults, and to help everybody to develop playful uses of the mind often used by great innovators. It’s based on a simple premise: by playing the games you develop the skills.

Management books advise us to ‘think out-of the-box’. One of our games, Rich Associations, has us actually make the mental jumps that take us into new domains of thought.

In a continually changing world, businesses need new ideas from their staff and externally. Creative Conversations allow those new ideas to appear spontaneously.

Teachers and homeschoolers can adapt many of the games to enable their students to cross-connect ideas and develop deeper insight into maths, science and literature. This not only makes learning fascinating, it also improves memory. And besides – the games are fun!

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The Witness

Starting with simple self-observation, The Witness provides tools that enable us to become more emotionally resilient, creative, and effective in every aspect of our lives.

Most of us have had the experience of somebody pushing our ‘hot buttons’. The do-it-yourself tools in The Witness provide us the means – if we are willing to do the work – to deactivate the hotspots… sometimes surprisingly rapidly.

In addition, we learn how to be present and observe more astutely. This improves both communication and creativity. It is sometimes said that to see reality is a great creative act.

In addition to our own self-development, many of the techniques can be informally introduced to people we know – friends and business colleagues. Doing this not only contributes to their personal well-being, but to the cultural evolution needed at this time.

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Kitchen Table Conversations

Einstein famously said, “You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.”

Kitchen Table Conversations help ordinary people and influential decision-makers shift from silo thinking to big picture systems thinking. They help people create a mental framework for grasping the big picture drivers of environmental deterioration, and understand the core values of a healthy society.

Developing such a framework equips people mentally and emotionally to support transformative leadership when it emerges. It also positions people to exert transformative leadership within their own local sphere of influence.

This book is a manual for conducting engaged conversations that take people to a new level of thinking. A unique feature of the conversations is the use physical models. Templates for making the models are available on the Resources section of

The PDF version is free. It has live links and lots of full color graphics.

The print version is in black and white.

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